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Mangga Hotel is located in Manokwari, capital city of West Papua, Indonesia. Our hotel is clean, with good sized rooms, and friendly staff. We do not only provide place for our guests to stay, but also can arrange diving and/or trekking trips for our guests to enjoy the new diving paradise in Manokwari and Cenderawasih Bay, and bird-watching in Arfak Mountains. We have English/ Cantonese/ Mandarin/ Indonesian speaking guide.

We can tailor-make particular tour package that meets your needs. Just take your passport! We can arrange everything for you!

Dore Bay (Teluk Doreri)

  • The final resting place of many Japanese war ships and planes from the World War II.
  • Famous wreck sites:
  • Shinwa Maru Wreck: just near Hotel Mangga, a 120m long Japanese cargo ship with good shape rests in the depth of 35 meters!
  • The Cross Wreck: a Japanese patrol boat (40m long on sand bottom of 15m deep), just lies outside a large concrete cross standing on the shore of Pulau Mansinam (Missionaries Island), one of the two small islands in Manokwari. The large cross marks the landing spot of the first two Christian missionar ies, who settled on Mansinam in 1855.
  • Pillbox Wreck: another excellent wreck site on the side of Pulau Mansinum. A 60m long Japanese transport vessel in 16m deep of water.
  • Pasir Putih Wreck: a 40m long Japanese patrol boat lies on the slope of 13-20m deep, near Pasir Putih (White Sand Beach), the most popular beach in Mnaokwari.

Cenderawasih Bay

  • The Bay of “Bird of Paradise” (a symbol of Papua), is the largest marine reserve in Indonesia.
  • Nabire, at the east most of Cenderawasih Bay, has been well known for whale shark sightings. Whale sharks are frequently sighted near the fishing plat forms (bagan) in the local waters in all year round.
  • Diving condition Manokwari and Cenderawasih Bay is great with very good visibility of 20-45 meters. The coral and fish are abundant and diverse. You can find vertical walls, lagoon channels, caves, platform reefs, giant wrasse, humphead parrot fish, big schools of barracudas / jacks / trevallies, octopus, sharks, dolphins, hawksbill turtles, giant clams, and many other fascinating marine creatures!

Arfak Mountains (Pegunungan Arfak).

  • Famous for unique species of butterflies and birds.
  • Forest trekking at Syobri, Arfak, offer you good opportunities to encounter bird of paradise, western parotia, Vogelkop bower bird, birdwing butterflies, tree kangaroo, and many other exotic species.